måndag 29 augusti 2016

Learning The Needle Crafts

On my adventure to become a Homesteader, I realized a few things- If I am really going to do this, I need to learn to use my hands.

By this, I mean Do-It-Yourself projects. Something that inspires me about women from earlier times, is that they made clothing for themselves and for their loved ones. In order to be truly self-sufficient, one needs to have these skills.

Not being a TV person, sometimes I find it horrible to just sit around and do nothing. So insert my newest project- Learning to Knit, Crochet, Cross-Stitch, and Embroider.

I am already promising Dishcloths, Mittens, and Hats to my loved ones. And of course, I would love to sell these if they are succesful. I am already stocking up on books with tons of awesome patterns, and of course Pinterest is FULL of ideas.

Once I get better at these crafts, I would love to start summer workshops to teach my community these skills. I find great honor in it, and I hope to spread that feeling around.

söndag 14 augusti 2016

Homesteading is my future

Lately, I have become bored with the life that I am living. Go to work, come home, watch tv, eat terrible food, go to sleep, and start all over again. A feeling, more like a growing desire, to be outside and live a more back-to-the-basics, traditional lifestyle has started burning inside me. I have come to the conclusion that this is simply what I have to do, and what my life's purpose is.

Farmers have always been high on my list of people to admire. The selfless act of their jobs, and the hardwork they put in is something I thought i could only dream of. I came across the idea of homesteading, which to me seems like small-scale farming, one day while mindlessly scrolling through my Pinterest app. Before I knew it, a whole list of articles had piled up of DIY's, farmhouse decor, gardening tips, animal care, herbal medicines, etc. I have only ever had this much passion about something when I became a Germanic language-learning addict. I knew from that moment that my whole life was going to change.

Currently, my husband and I are working towards financial stability, which has me searching for job number 2, and the obvious house hunting. Our plan is to buy, no more of this high rent business! I am ready for a place to call my own. So far we have come across two, that have been on the market for awhile, but they are indeed fixer-uppers. This is going to require quite a bit of money and hard work. It doesn't seem like anyone in our area wants to do this, which is why these houses can't find people to buy them, I assume.

With my homesteading dream, I hope to influence my community to follow suit. I have plans for a "homesteader's market", in which to sell excess produce, or do trades. If one of these houses come through, I would love to open a community horse stable. Seminars to teach homesteading, knitting and crocheting circles, and the rest is to be determined. Of course, these are long-term goals... a 15 year plan for me.

I hope that if you have come across this article, that you will join me on my new adventure through reading future posts on my blog. I am sure there will be mistakes and errors, but they will be life lessons that I can share with the whole world. Feel free to comment if you have any tips, or tell me about your homestead!

-- stay tuned! ♡ Brittany.

lördag 20 februari 2016

RenPure saves my Curls

Having curly hair is a blessing and a curse, as the old saying goes. Finding products that don't leave your hair feeling too oily or crunchy is one of the reasons our spiraly locks are tough to deal with.
This Ren Pure curl collection has saved my life. I feel that my curls are more manageable, still soft, and more bouncy. The leave in conditioner provides the moisture I need (I dye my hair quite a bit), and the gel holds my style in place. I have found this product at TJ-Maxx, but it can be found at several places, including salons. The best part is that you most likely won't pay over 20 dollars, and each bottle can last awhile. Well, not for me, because my hair is long and impossibly thick, but even using it every day, I can make each container last two weeks.
Ren Pure is not sponsoring me for this post! I just really enjoy their products and want to share with the world!