söndag 21 februari 2016

Why We Need A Rock Revival

Which type of music is associated with the biggest concert in history, and has so many different sub-genres that it could satisfy just about anyone? That is right, Rock Music! From the late 50's to just after the turn of the new millennium, rock music thrived. Lately, though, rock fans are the minority in a sea full of popstars, metalheads, and neo-country fans (another article in it's own right). We need a rock revival, and here is why!

Rock Music Just Feels Right.

There is a reason so many people had shown up at Woodstock and that 80's hair band concerts were always sold out. Listening to this genre gives you all the emotions, while also giving you a sense of invincibility. Most rock singers could pull off fast paced badassery and beautiful ballads packaged into one epic album, without the auto-tune effects that seem to be so vital in today's music.

The Fashion

Rock stars have always been the best the best dressed of the crowd. Janis, Jimi, Kurt, the entire 80's bands... Dressing like them can leave one feeling quite confident! Think of all the cool trends... Faux fur, flowy dresses, bell bottoms, black jeans, oversize plaid, guyliner... The list goes on and on. I, for one wouldn't mind these trends making their way back!

It is hard out here for a classic rock lover, dying for just one act to come along and be our musical savior. Until then, I will continue to jam out to my old heroes!

lördag 20 februari 2016

RenPure saves my Curls

Having curly hair is a blessing and a curse, as the old saying goes. Finding products that don't leave your hair feeling too oily or crunchy is one of the reasons our spiraly locks are tough to deal with.
This Ren Pure curl collection has saved my life. I feel that my curls are more manageable, still soft, and more bouncy. The leave in conditioner provides the moisture I need (I dye my hair quite a bit), and the gel holds my style in place. I have found this product at TJ-Maxx, but it can be found at several places, including salons. The best part is that you most likely won't pay over 20 dollars, and each bottle can last awhile. Well, not for me, because my hair is long and impossibly thick, but even using it every day, I can make each container last two weeks.
Ren Pure is not sponsoring me for this post! I just really enjoy their products and want to share with the world!